Art by Nature Series

A series of pictorial posts showcasing inspiration from the wild – impressive colour, texture, flora, fauna and landscapes. Mother nature at her best from icey formations to tropical waters and breathtaking sunsets.

Torch Ginger Flower, Vietnam | Duende by Madam ZoZo

Art by Nature - Tropical Flowers

Some like it hot – myself included! As the weather cools down I’m dreaming about my former life in the tropics, so I have curated a little garden of tropical flowers I photographed all over South East Asia.

Reeds against snow

Art by Nature - Ice and Snow

I grew up in the sub-tropics of the Australian east coast and spent the last 3 years living on the equator, then I moved straight into a Midwest U.S. winter!

Art By Nature - West Virginia | Duende by Madam ZoZo

Art by Nature - West Virginia

“Almost heaven, West Virginia” John Denver begins, setting our expectations high for a weekend in the Appalachian Mountains.

Tropical foliage

Art by Nature - Tropical Foliage

This week I’m sharing a pictorial of stunning tropical foliage I have photographed around South East Asia. Looking past the more obvious beauty of flowers, there is an equally gorgeous range of shapes, textures, colours and patterns in the supporting greenery.

Boracay Sunset

Art by Nature - Boracay Sunsets

Blissful Boracay. Three exquisite days of eating; drinking cocktails; wandering the soft white sands and swimming in the azure waters; soaring above in a parasail; and getting lost in the back streets looking for another scrumptious meal.

Amazon butterfly

Art by Nature - Amazonian Butterflies

A small collection of winged beauties that I photographed in the forest around Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian and Argentine border.

Cook Islands snorkelling

Art by Nature - Cook Islands

Lush tropical islands surrounded by the cerulean South Pacific, I can’t think of anywhere closer to paradise than the Cook Islands.

Swimming with mantarays in the Maldives | Duende by Madam ZoZo

Art by Nature - Maldives Blues and Other Hues

If you were to don rose coloured glasses in the Maldives, they would be blue.