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In Creativity you will find inspiration for a creative lifestyle, including the scientifically proven link between creativity and travel; destinations that most inspire; and fun travel related DIY projects for those crafty cats among us.


Creative thinking

Increased creativity is one of the awesome psychological benefits of travel, and don’t we know it! No one needs to tell us that travel feeds our creative souls and lifestyle, but the science and psychology behind how and why is fascinating. Furthermore, understanding what is behind the brain-building benefits of travel can also help us continue to develop and nurture our creativity when at home.


Travelling creatives

Enjoy the stories and work of creative professionals who love to travel. The Travelling Creative series gives you a glimpse of the world through their lens’ as photographers, designers, performers and artists. The series highlights destinations where creative people from all walks of life and a variety of creative fields, have found duende!



As a self-confessed “Martha Stewart type,” Madam ZoZo loves to get hands-on. Whether it is photography and learning local handicrafts in the field throughout her travels, or crafting her own souvenirs and mementoes on return. Madam ZoZo shares her favourite tips, tricks and projects to get crafty and creative.

“Creativity takes courage”- Henri Matisse, artist

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Why Creativity and Travel are the Perfect Pair

Duende is all about inspiration for creative travellers and travelling creatives, but what is the real link between creativity and travel? How does one benefit from the other? This post we scratch the surface of the science of creativity; what it is; what goes on in our brain; and why increased creativity is one of […]

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