by Madam ZoZo
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Cultural travel

If you are looking for true inspiration, it lies in cultural travel. Only when we take the time to experience a culture different from our own, do we build our open-mindness and ability to think creatively. To get a feel for a new culture at its grass roots level we must dive headlong into its food and drink, symbolism, traditions, festivals and celebrations. Perspectives and points of view will be challenged by interacting with people and understanding the reason they why they do as they do, giving you space to find meaning in your own customs and beliefs. Cultural travel is where the growth happens and you will never be the same!


Diving deep into new cultures

There are so many fun ways to experience the lifestyle of another culture and bring your travels home to be part of your everyday. Much about a culture and its history can be learnt from preparing (and eating) local cuisine in a cooking class; or observing a significant local ceremony or celebration. In Culture, Madam ZoZo brings you the travel experiences that have brought her joy, curiosity and introspection.


Cultural discoveries

In Culture, Madam ZoZo brings you travel experiences that have brought her joy, curiosity and introspection. She investigates the meaning behind cultural symbols; documents interesting celebrations; and shares delicious details of foodie moments to give you inspirational insights into the world around us.

“Please be a traveller, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in” – Andrew Zimmern, chef and TV host

Pins and Needles – Thaipusam in Singapore

You have never had pins and needles like this! Thaipusam, a festival commemorating the feats of Hindu God, Lord Subramaniam, is notable for the sacrificial piercing of devotees flesh. Thaipusam is celebrated…

La Boca, Argentina – Miss it or Must-See?

“We are locking the doors because there are a lot of carjackings in this area,” explained our tour guide on the way to La Boca. “This is a very poor neighbourhood, but…

The Unique Art of Vietnamese Water Puppets

You’ve seen Disney on Ice, how about puppets on water? Vietnamese water puppets are an ancient art originating on the rice paddies of North Vietnam. To this day, the unique form of…

Peranakan: A Colourful Cultural Collision

The Peranakan culture is a melding of Chinese and Malay/Indonesian traditions, creating an aesthetic that is eye-catchingly colourful and exquisitely detailed. The Peranakan shophouses of Singapore stood out to me immediately when…

Tanah Lot – Pumpkins, Sea Snakes & Sunsets

Tanah Lot is no doubt a tourist magnet, and it is easy to be discouraged by the swarming crowds. However the number of engagement and bridal photos shoots taking place there are…

Mysterious Jim Thompson and his Bangkok Abode

If I could invite anyone to a dinner party, Jim Thompson would be high on my guest list. The army officer, one-time spy, art collector and Thai silk merchant would have some…

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