Incense for sale in Hue, Vietnam | Duende by Madam ZoZo

Design creates an atmosphere

Design on paper or in three dimensions, can provide joy through both great aesthetics and functionality. Design is all around us every day and yet mostly unnoticed, especially when it is good! From the insides of our homes and offices to signs on city streets, design creates an atmosphere; it affects our mood whether we are conscious of it or not.


Design journey

Duende showcases interior, graphic, and industrial design wow-moments, along with other visual delights found on Madam ZoZo’s global journeys—whether it be classic cars in Cuba; wine labels in Canada; or the beautiful interiors of iconic creative’s homes. Zoom in on destinations with a designer’s eye and see what a difference the small, thoughtful details make. Find inspiration in exotic colour palettes and the distinctive visual language of different cities and locations.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”- Steve Jobs

Colours of Myanmar – Highlights & Gilded Sights

A pictorial peek inside Myanmar, a country newly opened to the world. Images include Buddhist shrines, handicrafts and the natural vistas of Bagan and Lake Inle. You will detect a theme of bold burgundy and ruby reds, glistening golds and a spectrum of greens from aquamarine to emerald. These are the bright and beautiful Myanmar highlights […]

Making The Case For Handicrafts Over Couture

Tourists like you create the demand for souvenir products, so are you going to use your powers for good or for evil? Asia has become a magnet for people wanting fake designer products. If you have considered or bought these products while overseas, think honestly for a minute about why you might want a luxury or […]

Mysterious Jim Thompson and his Bangkok Abode

If I could invite anyone to a dinner party, Jim Thompson would be high on my guest list. The army officer, one-time spy, art collector and Thai silk merchant would have some extraordinary stories to tell! I only stumbled upon the story of Jim Thompson, his multifaceted life and mysterious death, by accident 18 months ago. […]

Hemingway’s Home or Pfeiffer’s Palace in Key West?

Behind every great man there is an equally great and probably more stylish woman, and for author Ernest Hemingway this was certainly true. If they had named it Pfeiffer House no one would come. It would have long ago been sold and converted into a guest house like many others in Key West. The Spanish […]

Textures of Tokyo

While Tokyo’s colours are subdued when compared with many other parts of Asia, the city is full of wonderful forms and textures. After two weeks spent discovering autumnal Tokyo, I have a great respect for the meticulousness and pride of Japanese people in all they do. They know love (or the devil, whichever you prefer) resides in […]

Sputnik Chandeliers and Soulful Souvenirs in New York City

For a moment, imagine you’re attending a Met Opera performance… As you approach the arch-lined glass facade of the Opera House, you can see right into the warmly lit interior. There, a symphony of illuminated crystals sparkle over the inner atrium. Inside the theatre, another cluster of chandeliers centred by a grandiose starburst of crystals hangs […]