by Madam ZoZo
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Incense for sale in Hue, Vietnam | Duende by Madam ZoZo

Design creates an atmosphere

Design on paper or in three dimensions, can provide joy through both great aesthetics and functionality. Design is all around us every day and yet mostly unnoticed, especially when it is good! From the insides of our homes and offices to signs on city streets, design creates an atmosphere; it affects our mood whether we are conscious of it or not.


Design journey

Duende showcases interior, graphic, and industrial design wow-moments, along with other visual delights found on Madam ZoZo’s global journeys—whether it be classic cars in Cuba; wine labels in Canada; or the beautiful interiors of iconic creative’s homes. Zoom in on destinations with a designer’s eye and see what a difference the small, thoughtful details make. Find inspiration in exotic colour palettes and the distinctive visual language of different cities and locations.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”- Steve Jobs

Buddhist Architecture 101: What is a Pagoda

Don’t you hate it when you get your pagodas crossed with your dagobas?! Well maybe not, but if you’re travelling through East Asia you’ll hear a lot of confusing references and generalised…

Buddhist Architecture 101 Part 2: Stupa

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Buddhist Architecture 101 Part 3: Wat or Not?

In Part 1 of Buddhist Architecture 101, I defined the purpose of a pagoda; in Part 2 I elaborated on the significance of stupas. Part 3 will delve into the wat. A wat is a complex that…

Highlights of Laos: The Underdog of Asia Travel

Shinning Laos highlights, from gilt Buddhist wats to shimmering waterfalls and plenty of culture and adventure in between.

Pins and Needles – Thaipusam in Singapore

You have never had pins and needles like this! Thaipusam, a festival commemorating the feats of Hindu God, Lord Subramaniam, is notable for the sacrificial piercing of devotees flesh. Thaipusam is celebrated…

Incan Symbols: Ancient Mystery or Modern Myth?

Ancient Incan symbols passed down by the mystical empire…or a modern-day myth? While travelling high in Peruvian Andes discovering what was once the centre of the Incan empire, I fell in love…

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