Designing Travel Series

Designing Travel: A Guide To Planning Travel Your Way

Designing Travel: A Guide To Planning Travel Your Way

Frankly, we like to do some off the beaten path, unique kinda stuff that isn’t commonly included in mainstream travel itineraries. Therefore we have to tailor a plan to our unique criteria. Here is a short guide to how we select a destination and go about designing travel for the most relaxed and trouble free experience possible.

My Favourite Trip Planning Tools

Designing Travel: My Favourite Trip Planning Tools

This post I’m zooming in on the travel tools we use for DIY style trip planning. Here are the resources we’ve found to be reliable travel design assistants.

How to use Tripadvisor like a travel ninja

Designing Travel: How to Use Tripadvisor Like a Travel Ninja

Whether looking for a hotel before leaving home, or finding a restaurant or coffee shop on the go, Tripadvisor can be a powerful tool. However presented with an abundance of information, it can be hard to extract exactly what you’re looking for on the platform. Here are my top tips for using Tripadvisor to find exactly what you’re looking for.

5 Steps to More Sustainable Travel | Madam ZoZo

Designing Travel: 5 Steps To More Sustainable Travel

“Take only pictures, leave only footprints” is the motto of any sustainable traveler. I believe travelers can have a wonderfully positive impact on the world, and much like anything, tourism also has a dark side. Here are five simple ways you can tread more lightly on the earth and communities you visit throughout your travels.

Designing Travel: 5 Fun Ways to Experience New Cultures

Designing Travel: 5 Fun Ways to Experience New Cultures

What is travel without experiencing new cultures? Learning about different ways of life and living are part of the mind broadening, tolerance building, creativity inducing, not to mention crazy fun, aspects of travel. It’s this boundary pushing, comfort zone crushing quality of international exploration that I find the most character building, and invaluable to cultivating my creativity as a designer.