Destination to Inspiration

by Madam ZoZo

Be inspired by exotic places and rich cultures through Destination to Inspiration—a series of curated collections, mood boards, designs and DIY projects influenced by far off places, unique cultures and inspiration gathered on my worldwide travels.

Indochine Dream - Vietnam Mood Board

Destination to Inspiration: Indochine Dream

Enjoy a little Indocine dreaming of your own with these fashion and homeware items created and inspired by Vietnam.

Peranakan Pretty Mood Board2

Destination to Inspiration: Peranakan Pretty

Vibrant inspiration from Singapore and Southeast Asia, along with a collection of Peranakan-pretty items for your home and wardrobe.

Mood board of photos and colours inspired by Oaxaca, Mexico

Destination to Inspiration: Mixtec Modern

Be inspired by the bold colours and rich cultural traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico with this mood board and curated collection of beautiful goods.

Destination to Inspiration: Florida | Duende by Madam ZoZo

Destination to Inspiration: Escher in Florida

I wasn’t expecting a Dali Museum in Florida U.S.A, nor was I expecting my favourite thing in the museum to be another artist’s exhibit. Enter Maurits Cornelis Escher.

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