Soulful Souvenir - Laos Silk


What we wear is identity and self-expression. It can speak to our culture, history and values. Style documents wearable inspiration from around the globe including textiles, accessories, traditional dress and handicrafts. It also covers packing for international travel with practical aplomb and classic fashion sense.


Slow fashion, super style

International travel brings about the realisation that clothing and fashion have become globalised and homogenised. Yet there are places in the world where traditional dress and artisanal clothing production still exist. In Style, we shine a spotlight on the interesting and diverse forms of traditional dress, exploring the amazing techniques used to create clothing, hats, jewellery, shoes and other accessories the slow, conscious way. We share the stories and traditions behind each piece, it’s unique design and how it is worn.


What’s in the suitcase?

Style also covers packing choices – what works and what doesn’t. Madam ZoZo shares her balance between practical travel-wear and looking good. Downloadable, printable packing lists accompany each post so you won’t forget any essentials.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe, fashion designer & stylist

The Claddagh – Let Love & Friendship Reign

A crowned heart clasped between two hands that symbolises love, friendship and loyalty; the design of the Claddagh ring of Ireland is one with a long and mysterious history full of romantic tall tales. But who can truly claim responsibility for the original motif?

An Open Letter To Kylie Minogue On Her Birthday

I have never written a fan letter in my life and this is the most personally revealing post I have published to date. So here goes…Happy birthday to the divine Ms Kylie Minogue! Dear Kylie, I was five years old when I Should Be So Lucky was released.  I have re-enacted that scene from the […]

Making The Case For Handicrafts Over Couture

Tourists like you create the demand for souvenir products, so are you going to use your powers for good or for evil? Asia has become a magnet for people wanting fake designer products. If you have considered or bought these products while overseas, think honestly for a minute about why you might want a luxury or […]

Stay cool! The History of the Hand Fan

There is barely a culture or a time in history I don’t associate with the expressive, ever stylish and practical hand fan. Whether it is an ancient Egyptian king languishing in the breeze generated by an ostrich feathered wave; a coy Geisha peeking from behind her folding wing, or a fiery flamenco dancer passionately gesturing with […]

How to Kill it in a Nyonya Kebaya

The most likely place you’ve seen a kebaya (and maybe not known it) is the impeccably dressed Singapore Airlines’ female flight staff, in their figure hugging uniform. This uniform is a modern adaption of the traditional dress worn throughout much of South East Asia and the work of French fashion designer Pierre Balmain in the 1970’s. However, the […]

How to Wear a Panama Hat (From Ecuador)

The Panama hat – I’m sure you hardly need convincing of the merits of this timeless fashion accessory. The stylish and sought-after headwear was named for a country that had nothing to do with its creation; became a worldwide sensation in 1880’s; and remains a classic dress piece today. Here is how to wear a […]