The Arts

The Arts - Henri Matisse | Duende by Madam ZoZo

Diversity and identity

The Arts are as diverse as the people who create them – varied as our wonderful world, its geography and people. Music, theatre, dance, painting and sculpture, are just a few ways people and cultures express their identity, cut loose and entertain.  There are an endless variety of interesting art forms to discover around the world. Tracing the tradition and origin of art forms to their geographic and historic roots, can lead us on a global journey of exploration.

Destinations where art lives

There are also destinations and smaller niches to which art and artists seem to be drawn, and congregate en mass. In these suburbs, towns and cities the concentrated sources of inspiring work spills out into the streets. When this happens, art becomes part of the place itself—creating perfect destinations for art-loving travellers.

For the love of art

From white-washed fine art galleries studying the greats, to graffiti in gritty back streets, there isn’t anywhere Madam ZoZo won’t go for the love of great art! She takes traditional dance lessons in exotic locations; attends cultural performances held in rustic villages and extravagant theatres; combs neighbourhoods and community spaces for public art, all to bring you the world’s most inspiring art forms and experiences. Sometimes great art finds are a happy accident and others have been relentlessly pursued. No matter how Madam ZoZo finds duende, it will end up here.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” – Pablo Picasso

La Boca, Buenos Aires – Missable or Must-See?

“We are locking the doors because there are a lot of carjackings in this area,” explained our tour guide on the way to La Boca. “This is a very poor neighbourhood, but we should be ok because we are in a private car,” she elaborated and begins to tell us the history of the area. Some […]

The Unique Art of Vietnamese Water Puppets

You’ve seen Disney on Ice, how about puppets on water? Vietnamese water puppets are an ancient art originating on the rice paddies of North Vietnam. To this day, the unique form of theatre can generally only be experienced in this corner of the world. I rugged up for a cold evening in the park where I […]

Art on the Street – Hong Kong

It struck me within the first couple of hours in Hong Kong, that this city is a gallery of street art. A showcase of styles and statements lift the dirty and derelict walls. Imaginative creations and placements cut through the grime and provoke thoughts like “I wonder what inspired a dragon eating its way out of a […]

Art on the Street – Melbourne I

Here one day, gone the next…there is always new street art appearing, then disappearing in the dynamic Melbourne streetscape. Hosier Lane is one of several locations in Melbourne where graffiti is tolerated.  In fact, international artists are invited to contribute to the outdoor gallery on a regular basis. Hosier Lane has therefore become one of […]

Art on the St. – Miami

If there is a street art heaven, this might be it – Wynwood, Miami. Wall to wall splattered, stroked and sprayed with luminous colour in countless styles. My husband was slightly alarmed by the neighbourhood I appeared to be directing him into as we drove the Miami streets. Maybe I could have found a safer route, […]

Art on the Street – New York City

What better place to experience street art than its childhood playground, New York City. There’s plenty of grey walls to liven up and old news to paint over in this urban jungle. There are statements to be made, messages to be sent and creative inspiration to pursue in the city that never sleeps. Beginning not far away […]