Creative travellers

A creative traveller takes the reigns on their travel and doesn’t settle for pre-packaged tours or the well-trodden tourist route if that isn’t where the duende lies. Creative travellers research the best experiences within their time and budget, and are actively involved in creating an overseas adventure tailored to their interests and style of travel. They are cultural travellers who want to experience a destination from a local’s perspective through culture, food, history, art and great places to stay.


Travelling creatives

Travelling creatives are anyone who considers themselves creative, whether they work in a traditionally regarded creative field, or they are weekend warriors. They may be constant nomads, occasional vacationers or armchair travellers, but all with two things in common: an appreciation of art and beauty; and a curiosity about our world.


Tips and insider tricks

Inside Travel, Madam ZoZo shares her favourite tools for designing an itinerary that is right for you and knowing when it’s time to get the professionals involved. Whether you need assistance choosing inspiring destinations, packing advice or tips for shopping the best souvenirs – Duende has you covered. Madam ZoZo also recommends her favourite books, movies and podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain you during and in between your travels.


Getting real about travel

Travel is fun and exciting, it can also be difficult and overwhelming. Even well-seasoned travellers get it wrong sometimes and Madam ZoZo has been schooled on a few occasions. That’s why she shares how many pairs of shoes it takes to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; and where to find public bathrooms in New York City. Madam ZoZo doesn’t shy away from sharing the mistakes and mishaps if it will help other travellers along their merry way.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Laos Highlights

Laos (Lao PDR officially) is one of Asia’s travel destination underdogs. It wasn’t on our original itinerary, but as we researched things to do in Laos it became obvious there was more to see than we had time for in 7-days. Here are the shimmering highlights of what we managed to squeeze in, including Luang Prabang, […]

5 Lessons Learnt Hiking To Machu Picchu

I recently had a moment of déjà vu watching the Reese Witherspoon movie Wild. If you have been hiding under a rock, the movie is based on the memoir of Cheryl Strayed, who hiked 1609km (1100 miles) of the Pacific Crest Trail with virtually no hiking experience. In one of the opening scenes of the […]

Packing Tips For Southeast Asia

Depending what time of year you are travelling and how many locations you are covering, Southeast Asia can range from shivering snow-laden mountains to balmy tropical beaches. Add to that various dress requirements for visiting religious monuments, and annoyingly inconsistent luggage allowances across local airlines and you have the recipe for a packing nightmare. After two […]

Designing Travel: Negotiating for Souvenirs – What’s A Fair Price?

Negotiating for souvenirs in economies far different from your home country can be challenging. What is a fair price to pay? Here is my personal philosophy when it comes to making purchasing decisions abroad. I would say the number one bone of contention between my husband and I when travelling is money.  Having come from a culture where […]

2015 Duende Readers’ Favourites

As the year draws to a close, I will be packing my suitcase and heading to where the sun is shining on new inspiration. If you are fortunate enough to put your feet up over the silly season and are looking to catch up on some reading, may I suggest you begin with the Duende […]

Travel DIY: 3 Ways To Turn Foreign Coins Into Ultimate Souvenirs

Got foreign currency lingering in a desk drawer or weighing down your wallet? Here’s a little inspiration for turning them into something special. No matter how carefully we plan our spending, we almost always find ourselves stuck with some pesky foreign coins after an overseas trip. Of course you can donate them to a UNICEF at the […]