Designing Travel Series

by Madam ZoZo

The Designing Travel series is all about creating your own tailored travel experiences. These posts document the process we have developed to plan our getaways to suit our personal interests, whether they lie on the well-trodden tourist trail, or the road less travelled.  They include how to research the best attractions and accommodation; buy better souvenirs and; travel more sustainably.

How to create a personalied travel plan

Designing Travel: Creating Your Own Personalised Travel Plan

Frankly, we like to do some off the beaten path, unique kinda stuff that isn’t commonly included in mainstream travel itineraries. Therefore we have to tailor a plan to our unique criteria. Here is a short guide to how we select a destination and go about designing travel for the most relaxed and trouble free experience possible.

My Favourite Trip Planning Tools

Designing Travel: My Favourite Trip Planning Tools

This post I’m zooming in on the travel tools we use for DIY style trip planning. Here are the resources we’ve found to be reliable travel design assistants.

Designing Travel: Cultural Travel Resources | Duende by Madam ZoZo

Designing Travel: Cultural Travel Resources

Previously I shared my favourite trip planning tools for general travel. In this post, I get more specific about the online tools I use for tracking down cultural experiences and visual delights. These cultural travel resources will help you to choose a destination; or pin point some of the best art, architecture and artisan experiences at your predetermined vacation spot.

5 Steps to More Sustainable Travel | Madam ZoZo

Designing Travel: 5 Steps To More Sustainable Travel

“Take only pictures, leave only footprints” is the motto of any sustainable traveler. I believe travelers can have a wonderfully positive impact on the world, and much like anything, tourism also has a dark side. Here are five simple ways you can tread more lightly on the earth and communities you visit throughout your travels.

Designing Travel: 5 Fun Ways to Experience New Cultures

Designing Travel: 5 Fun Ways to Experience New Cultures

How to experience new cultures without the shock! As a traveller and expat, I share my favourite ways to adapt and participate in new cultural surrounds while having a whole lot of fun.

Designing Travel: Negotiating for Souvenirs

Designing Travel: Negotiating for Souvenirs - What's A Fair Price?

Negotiating for souvenirs in economies far different from your home country can be challenging. What is a fair price to pay? Here is my personal philosophy when it comes to making purchasing decisions abroad.

Designing Travel: Saving Money with a Multi-Attraction Pass

Saving Money with a Multi-Attraction Pass

A multi-attraction pass is a way to save on attraction admissions by pre-purchasing multiple tickets to popular sights, tours and activities in a particular location.

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