The Travelling Creative – Adrian Blackhurst
September 28, 2017
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The Travelling Creative - Adrian Blackhurst | Duende by Madam ZoZo

The Travelling Creative is a short interview series exploring the destinations professional creatives find most inspiring to their work. I interview writers, photographers, dancers, artists and designers about one place in the world where they found duende, and how that has influenced and inspired their work.

Allow me to introduce travelling creative Adrian Blackhurst, a multi-instrumentalist, music producer and founder of Remix the Earth. Adrian describes his non-profit project, Remix the Earth, as a cross-cultural experiment in music and video. The project sees Adrian travel the world to unearth unknown musical talent, and capture the sounds and sights that inspire him most in studios and on the street. Adrian mixes these recordings into music and videos for Remix the Earth albums and offers the original recordings royalty free online for use by other music producers. Along the way, Adrian also works with at-risk youth to teach them the art and skill of music recording, production, DJ’ing and video.

What destination have you found the most inspiring and impactful on your creative work?

“Hard to say if one destination was the most inspiring & impactful for me. Hmmm….perhaps, here in Colombia this very moment! As I write this I’m currently in a music studio, Chango Records, recording 2 master musicians for an 8-hour session creating songs for the Remix The Earth: Colombia album release, volume 4 on our new record label. Also, I’m recording sample-packs of sounds from various Colombian instruments that producers & electronic musicians & bands will be able to use for their recordings copyright free. It would save them from hiring studio musicians (like I did) and give them the ability to integrate Colombian sounds into their music. I’ve done the same so far in Morocco, Brazil and Cuba. This is the music part of Remix The Earth that will keep me inspired for life!

The video part of the project involves making music videos in each country that capture their culture, and I have a Youtube channel with those, as well as interviews with bands and musicians that will eventually be part of a documentary film series about music around the globe (on Netflix hopefully). I’ll be 92 years old and still doing this project – a lifelong dream come true!”

How has inspiration from your travel manifested in a particular piece of work?

“This inspiration manifested so far in 3 music videos I made during the travels. The newest one is from Cuba and was filmed in Havana in July 2017. “

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“I encourage everybody that travels to dive deeper into the culture of that particular region. Music is one way to deeply connect with the richness of each unique culture. Food is another way – half the fun of traveling in some places, like India, Thailand, Mexico is their food rich cultures!

Connecting more with locals is essential. Volunteer work will take you even deeper. Remix The Earth is dedicated to uniting cultures worldwide using the power of music and video for social change!”

You can learn more about Remix the Earth on their website Subscribers will get regular emails with links to free music, videos, and updates on Adrian’s whereabouts. Remix the Earth videos can be found on the website or on Youtube. If you’re a music producer looking for some unique global beats, don’t forget to check out Splice.

Peace, love and inspiring travel,

Madam ZoZo

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Hi! I'm Madam ZoZo, aka Zoë, an Australian designer, creative consultant, blogger and digital nomad. I'm passionate about travel, design, dance and new experiences that fuel my creativity. I strive to travel in a style that is gentle on the earth and that contributes to the communities I visits, even if it is merely to take away a greater understanding of a different culture. Duende by Madam ZoZo, is where I share the stories of my travels and the duende (soul/inspiration) I find along the way.

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