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The Travelling Creative – Jeremy Enns
June 29, 2017
The Travelling Creative - Photographer Jeremy Enns

The Travelling Creative is a short interview series exploring the destinations professional creatives find most inspiring to their work. I interview writers, photographers, dancers, artists and designers about one place in the world where they found duende, and how that influenced and inspired them.

Travelling creative, Jeremy Enns, is a podcast consultant, photographer and entrepreneur based out of British Columbia, Canada. Nothing lights up Jeremy like telling authentic stories through a variety of mediums, and helping others do the same.

What destination have you found most inspiring and impactful on your photography?

“As a photographer with a deep love and appreciation for stunning landscapes, one of the locations that I’ve found most inspiring in my recent travels was Scotland. Seemingly everywhere you turn in the country there is a new and awe-inspiring expanse laid out before you, from rugged coastal cliffs to highland mountains; pristine lochs to historic cities; and everywhere, sheep.

Beyond the visual element, I found the unique culture of Scotland equally as inspiring. A laid back, self-aware hardiness, instantly welcoming to newcomers.

After dreaming for years of travelling to Scotland to photograph the landscapes, the country surpassed all of my expectations and offered up a much richer experience than I could have dreamed.”

How has this inspiration manifested in a particular piece of work?

“To me, this photo encapsulates so much of my experience of Scotland. The highland mountains, flowing waterways and the constant shifting, grey skies. The only things missing are perhaps a crumbling castle in the distance or a sheep (or 100) scattered throughout the scene.”

Any tips for travellers to Scotland?

“While I rented a car and spent 3 weeks road tripping around the country, I feel as though to truly experience the country, especially the highlands, a multi-day trek on one of the established through-hikes is necessary. I’m definitely looking forward to returning and spending some time in the Scottish wilderness.”

To find out more about Jeremy and his work, look him up at or follow him on Instagram @thisisjeremyenns.

Peace, love and inspiring travels,

Madam ZoZo

The Travelling Creative - Jeremy Enns takes us to Scotland | Duende by Madam ZoZo

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Hi! I'm Madam ZoZo, aka Zoë, an Australian designer, creative consultant, blogger and digital nomad. I'm passionate about travel, design, dance and new experiences that fuel my creativity. I strive to travel in a style that is gentle on the earth and that contributes to the communities I visits, even if it is merely to take away a greater understanding of a different culture. Duende by Madam ZoZo, is where I share the stories of my travels and the duende (soul/inspiration) I find along the way.

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