by Madam ZoZo

Duende is an inspirational lifestyle blog for travellers seeking unique destinations, cultures and experiences.


Duende is a Spanish word with no direct English translation. It is soul and inspiration, which has the inexplicable power to evoke an emotional response. It is the thing that makes the hairs on your arms stand up, the chills run down your spine, and could make you smile or maybe even cry. The great 19th-century literary figure, Goethe, once described it: “A mysterious force that everyone feels and no philosopher has explained.


Hi! I’m Madam ZoZo aka Zoë, an Australian globetrotter and designer. Duende is where I document unique and inspiring stories, people, cultures and destinations that I come across in my travels. I hope by sharing them with you, you’ll find some Duende (soul + inspiration) of your own!

You can also take a peek at my bucket list here.


You might be wondering about my travel style, in order to determine if this is the right blog for you. So let me share a little about how I travel, my budget and what I want out of the experience:

Independent. For the large part of my travel, I prefer the freedom of exploring independently. I tend to enlist some professional guidance if I’m taking to less charted territory or where language is a significant barrier. I always have a heavy hand in determining where I go and what I do, even when working with a tour company. You can learn more about my trip planning process in this international travel planning guide.

Comfort. I’m not a budget traveller nor backpacker, but not a luxury traveller either…yet! :-). I seek out the best value, so I can see and experience more for my money. I’m also willing to occasionally sacrifice comfort for a totally unique experience. For example, hiking the Inca Trail or staying in a tribal longhouse in Borneo.

Cultural. For me, travel is about seeing the world from a different perspective and discovering what is unique about a destination, whether it’s the food, music, art, history, landscapes or all of the above. Exploring cultures is a priority for me–it fuels my wanderlust. See some of my tips on diving into cultural travel while minimising culture shock here.

Fast. I’m not a full-time travel blogger. I juggle trips between work and life commitments like most people, which means I need to get the best out of a destination in a minimal amount of time. I don’t have much time for free-wheeling, although that would be nice. Fast travel requires a lot of research and planning if you want to see the best of a destination in a short amount of time. So, if you’re a similarly time-strapped traveller, there are plenty of 1-10 day travel itineraries on Duende for you.

Couples. My main travel companion is my husband. Therefore, you are more likely to find romantic getaways, than family travel advice here on Duende. As a couple, we have broad and varied interests. We endeavour to cover them equally in our travels, so you will find a good mix of things to do in our itineraries and city guides.

Madam ZoZo on Brooklyn Bridge, wearing beret, standingon Brooklyn Bridge at sunset with Manhattan skyline in background.

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