My Favourite Trip Planning Tools
October 13, 2016
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My Favourite Trip Planning Tools

In last week’s blog post I revealed how Sir James and I go about Designing Travel to our unique needs. I broke down our planning styles depending on the location, into: Complete DIY, Partial DIY or Expert Level. This week I am zooming in on the trip planning tools we use for DIY style travel planning. Here are the resources we’ve found to be the most reliable travel design assistants.

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Google Flights

This is where we do our flight schedule and airfare research. We’ve tried other tools such as Kayak and Skyscanner, but Google Flights eventually won out. A couple of our favourite features are first, the fare alert system which allows you to set a tracker on flights you are interested in, and Google flights will email you alerts when the price varies. Secondly, it has a search filter for airline alliances that is fantastic if you are trying to earn status or spend points with a particular alliance.

My Favourite Trip Planning Tools


Tripadvisor is where we start our accommodation research. Again once we have narrowed down the options, we always make our final booking direct with the accommodation provider. We find searching via their map feature in Tripadvisor to be super handy for minimising our transport needs by booking accommodation close to attractions. Learn to use Tripadvisor like Travel Ninja in this post.

Lonely Planet

There are some destinations where you need to go old school and carry around a guidebook. Cuba and Myanmar are prime examples of places we’ve been in the last 18 months where a physical book is a must due to poor or non-existant internet and general lack of reliable tourist information. Most travelers agree Lonely Planet is still the best brand of guides out there.

Google Maps and Google MyMaps

Once we’ve established a to-do list for our trips, particularly roadtrips, I create a Google My Map with the attractions plotted. As we book accommodation or receive recommendations such as a good coffee shop, I add them to the map, colour coding the pins. I can also plot routes to travel between locations, to find out the time and distance we need to travel. You can see below our weekend in Niagara Falls including attractions on the U.S. and Canadian side of the Falls, our accommodation and local wineries. Click on the rectangular icon in the top right corner to open the full map with key in Google My Maps.


AwardWallet is where we track loyalty program points with flight and accommodation providers all in one place. Having an auto-updating, central location for all our points means we’re more likely to make use of them and less likely to let them expire. AwardWallet offers a free membership with basic functionality that fits our needs. If you want to make use of the more advanced features it will cost you USD10 per year. The tool can be used online and/or as an app on your phone.

Multi-attraction passes

Multi-attraction passes can provide excellent savings on key sights and activities, and are excellent time savers. Passes such as CityPASS (North American example), enable you to pre-pay entry to a number of attractions for a discounted rate. In many circumstances, this also enables you to stride passed long lines of tourists queuing at the ticket office. Who doesn’t want that?!  However, it pays to do your research, compare passes, carefully considering your timeframe and style of travel. I wrote more about this in the post Saving Money with a Multi-Attraction Pass.

I hope this guide helps you design your next travel adventure. If there is a trip planning tool you love, let me know in the comments below.

Peace, love & inspiring travel!

Madam ZoZo

My Favourite Travel Tools

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