Inspired Travel Craft Ideas (for Adults)
March 15, 2018

Craft up a storm between world wanders with these inspiring travel DIY ideas and tutorials. As a lifelong crafter and DIYer I’m always up for a creative project. However, in recent years I’ve also been looking for ways to repurpose or make use of the things around me to create really personalized and more environmentally responsible projects. Capture old memories or prepare to create new ones with these travel craft ideas.

A not-so-piggy bank

These money jars are a super practical way to use some of those key-chains or plastic trinkets you’ve collected on the road. Use them to store and display all sorts of things!

Inspired Travel Craft Ideas for Adults
DIY Honeymoon Money Jar by Something Turquoise

Transform your photos

Are you an avid travel photographer? Have you got some really great shots you’d like to share? Create cards and books using your travel photos for a really personal touch.

Inspired Travel Craft Ideas for Adults
Travel photo cards by Postcards & Passports-2

Slide lamp shade

If you have travel slides from your parents or grandparents, these lamp shades made are a retro cool way to have them on display! Before starting your lamp, I recommend getting all the slides professionally digitized and put onto a hard drive for safe keeping. My mum recently did this with her old travel slides, and that’s got me thinking…

Inspired Travel Craft Ideas for Adults
Slide Lampshade by My So Called Life
Inspired Travel Craft Ideas for Adults

Backyard directional sign

Add some fun to your garden with a custom directional sign that features places you’ve been. I chose this Half-Asleep Chris tutorial because he repurposed an old bookshelf to make his directional sign. As the sustainable travellers, we are, it makes sense to upcycle some old fencing, furniture, palette or other scrap timber for the project. The wood will have more character and the project will probably work out cheaper too.

Nail & string map

This is one of my favourite map DIY’s around. Done well, nail and string maps are a really sophisticated looking piece of décor. Again, I encourage you to use repurposed materials for their character and more eco-friendly.

Inspired Travel Craft Ideas for Adults
World Map String Art by Brian Patrick Flynn

Patchwork map

Create a patchwork map with photos, scrap paper or fabric remnants. If you are a skilled quilter, there is a tutorial for you here too.

Inspired Travel Craft Ideas for Adults
Fabric Wall Map by Being Brook

Tram scroll

A few years ago these were all the rage in home décor. They are still a beautifully minimalist form of art that can be personalized to include significant locations in your life.

Pretty pendant

Create a pendant for yourself or a loved one that features a place dear to your hearts – maybe a place travelled together. Use a map you’ve brought from your adventures for an extra personal touch.

Sassy vacation hat

By now you’ve probably seen a traveler on Instagram sitting on a tropical beach somewhere wearing one of these smug-but-stylish straw hats. You can buy one on Etsy, or do-it-yourself with these tutorials in contrasting thread or sequins. Use a hat you already own or thrift one for a cheap and sustainable twist.

Get busy with these travel craft ideas and share the results with us in the comments below. We’d love to be inspired by your efforts. You can find more crafty ideas for DIY travel souvenirs in this post.

Peace, love & inspiring travel,

Madam ZoZo

Inspired Travel Craft Ideas (for Adults)

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